#Reign - Adelaide says Bring Back Toby!

In an article found on www.justjaredjr.com, Adelaide Kane opens up about Reign Season 4 which premieres in just 4 days! 

“I think this is our best season,” I remarry, so we meet my second husband, and also my future third husband, he becomes a friend and confidant and helps me through a difficult period.”  She added, “I do not know if this is a spoiler or if people are already aware…It’s history anyway so I’ll pretend it was not a spoiler, but Mary gets pregnant and gives birth to a little boy, the future King James.”

Adelaide also dished on some actual spoilers: “Someone gets sick. Someone, in the new season, falls ill and goes mad, just like King Henry II… I can not tell you who [though]. I’m [as Mary] going to have problems, but someone gets crazy, really crazy.

When asked if she had the power to bring one character back to the show, Adelaide didn’t hesitate one bit in spitting out Francis, played by Toby Regbo.

“Francis. Of course Francis! My new husband would not be here, he would disappear in a mysterious way!

I know this Reigniac couldn't agree more!  Bring back my Toby!

Reign season 4 returns this Friday, February 10th, 9pm on the CW.  Subscribe to www.sueboohscorner.com for all my Reign episode recaps, scoops and spoilers!