#Reign - Let's Celebrate! Reign Returns Tomorrow! Marathon Recap Ahead!

REIGNIACS! REIGN RETURNS TOMORROW!  I AM SO EXCITED!  So, since we're out of time for a full recap of S3, here's a third season marathon recap!

Mary and Francis reunite. Catherine has escaped to England and is working with Queen Elizabeth to destroy Mary. Trouble brewing in Scotland. No money in France to help Scotland so Royals hire a pirate! Pirate has a fling with Greer. Catherine is found in England and forcibly brought back to France. She is kept in the dungeon. Francis refuses to see her. Francis tells Mary he's dying. Francis sends for his brother Charles, the Dauphin. Francis tells the family he is dying.  Charles is too young to rule without a regent. Mary suggests Catherine and Francis agrees. Catherine is welcomed back into Francis' life.  A serial killer on the loose. Bash searches for Delphine. Lola and Narcisse want to wed.  Narcisse earns Francis' respect and agrees to their marriage. Bash find Delphine, and she brings Francis back. Mary signs a peace agreement between Scotland and England and gives up her claim to the English throne. Mary and Francis leave for Paris. Mary is attacked. Francis saves her life but loses his own. Prophesy fulfilled. Charles is now king and Narcisse is named Regent. Catherine is accused of murdering Francis. Bash and Mary clear her name. Charles names Catherine his Regent.  Mary is engaged to Don Carlos of Spain. Mary not engaged to Don Carlos of Spain.  Mary has feelings for Gideon, the English Ambassador. They hook up.  Lola leaves Narcisse and heads to England to free her family. Lola becomes a confidant to Elizabeth. Greer is pregnant. Bash rescues Lord Castleroy from prison, and he and Greer leave to start a new life.  Bash gives Mary a gift from Francis. Francis made her a sword. Bash almost kills Catherine.  Mary returns to the castle to save Catherine. Bash, Narcisse and Mary sail to Scotland.  Shipwreck. Druids. Narciss leaves them to find Lola. Mary kills Munro, head of the clan McFee who are responsible for Francis' death.  Mary bursts into court just as the nobles are about to sign an agreement to end the monarchy in Scotland. Narcisse finds Lola, and they make plans to escape. Lola receives a letter from Mary telling her to kill Queen Elizabeth.  She attempts but fails, and Lola is beheaded as Narcisse watches.  He is jailed in England for stabbing a guard. Claude and Leith have fallen in love and wanted to marry.  In an attempt to capture the 13 knights, Charles is kidnapped.  Leith earns Catherine's trust and gives them permission to wed.  Leith is stabbed by a rival for Claude and is left to die. Charles returns but is not the same. He no longer wants to be king.  Charles gains approval to rule without a regent.  Catherine sends for her youngest son, Henry.

Lots of stuff happened in England too, of course.  We'll cover that tomorrow!