#Reign - S4, Ep 5 - Highland Games

Reign returns tomorrow night with "Highland Games."  In the last episode, Mary received an anonymous note stating that it was Darnley that set the 2nd fire in the village. In this week's episode, Darnley must convince Mary of his loyalty before she will agree to marry him. James has already expressed his mistrust of Darnley and it's likely that is was James who left the note for Mary. But with Darnley's blood claim to the English throne, their marriage is a powerful union that Mary needs to strengthen her rule in Scotland and move her one step closer to her goal of taking England's throne from Elizabeth. 

In France, the last episode's shocker was that Leith is alive!  Unfortunately, Leith was too late to stop Claude from marrying Luc Narcisse.  Claude is unaware that Leith is alive and Narcisse will do everything in his power to make sure it stays that way.  Meanwhile, Catherine and Narcisse must work fast to squelch the rumors circulating throughout the castle about King Charles' odd behavior.  

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