#Reign - S4, Ep 6 - Love and Death

In this week's episode titled, "Love and Death," Lord Darnley has earned the respect of the Scottish nobles and his fiance by winning the boxing match, but James is still very much against their marriage.  He warns Mary that he believes that if she and Darnley wed, there will be war between Scotland and England and Scottish blood will be spilled.  In England, Elizabeth is desperate to stop the marriage and to that end, she employs a man to make sure that happens. Darley is seen meeting with the man. If he is committed to Mary, why is he meeting with the man hired by Elizabeth?  

In France, after confessing to Catherine that he is reliving what he and his friend did to survive after being kidnapped, Charles has disappeared once again. Now Catherine has to figure out how to cover for his absence.  Is it time for Henry to take Charles' place?  

Also in France, Claude is trying to find a way to have a life with Leith. Last week, Luc proposed that he and Leith "share" Claude. Leith said he would not share the woman he loved with another.  Will Leith ever have a happy ending to his love life?  

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