#Reign Season Four - The Three Queens

I am so excited for S4 of Reign to return on Friday, February 10th!  This will be the first season without Toby Regbo (Francis), which is heartbreaking for this Regboner!  Season four will focus on the three queens, Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine.  Queen Mary, as we know, has returned to Scotland and reclaimed her throne.  Mary knows she must marry again and we will see three suitors who will vie for her hand.  First is Lord Darnley, portrayed by Will Kemp (pictured).  Darnley is an English nobleman with a blood-claim to the throne of England and Mary's second husband.  Since Mary vowed to take the English throne from Elizabeth at the end of S3, does she choose Lord Darnley because it takes her one step closer to her goal?  It is said that Mary cared deeply for Lord Darnley and that their life together is a happy one.  We will also meet James Bothwell and David Rizzio.  We'll talk about Bothwell and Rizzio tomorrow. 

Meanwhile in France, Catherine will face her own struggles.  She has lost the Regency and defeat does not sit well with Catherine.  In England, the hatred between Elizabeth and Mary grows as each queen plots to be rid of the other. Cousins who once respected each other are now mortal enemies.  S4 brings many new characters, more royal shenanigans, romance and intrigue andI CAN'T WAIT! 

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