#Reign Season IV to be the Series Finale

Reigniacs I have terrible news!  The CW announced today that S4 of Reign will be the last!  According to www.deadline.com, Reign writers, producers and cast were told in advance and a series ending finale is in the works.  Cast members both past and present have been posting on Twitter and Instagram about the end of the show.  Toby Regbo just tweeted "I hear that Reign is coming to an end. I just want to say again what a pleasure it was working with such an amazing cast and crew. The best."  I love you, Toby!

I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm losing a best friend! I have been watching TV for a long time and have had so many favorite shows over the years but there has never been a show like Reign.  Since the pilot episode, I have been emotionally attached and passionate about each character and their storylines.  It will be a sad day for me when I have to say goodbye.

So now the discussion has to be something we've touched on before.  How will the series end?  I believe it has to end with Mary's death.  How gut wrenching will that be?  I get teary just thinking about it. Do you think they should show her death as they did Lola's?  What do you think about the talk on social media that Toby Regbo would return as Francis and, as Mary dies, she sees Francis (like in Braveheart)?  It could work but only if done respectfully to Mary and Francis. 

It's not over yet, though!  Reign S4 returns for 16 episodes on Friday, February 10th at 9:00 pm and you can count on me to bring you episode recaps and scoops.  I will also keep you updated on any upcoming projects for Adelaide, Toby, Torrance, Megan and the entire cast so we can follow their careers after Reign.