#Reign - SHRIEK! Claude in a Wedding Dress?

This is a promo photo from tomorrow night's episode of Reign and I am freaking out!  Yes, this is Claude in a wedding dress!  Now I don't know who her hunky hubby is but all I can say is NOOOOOOOO!!!  Claude belongs with Leith!  But if it's true and Claude does indeed marry someone else in tomorrow night's episode,  it  confirms my belief that Leith did not die in the snow!  I believe he survived his attack in the snow, someone took him in and nursed him back to health and that he will return for Claude only to find she's married to someone else!  I don't have any scoops or inside information to prove my theory but true love never runs smoothly for any of the Valois and it certainly never works out for poor Leith!    

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