#Reign - TGIRD (Thank God It's Reign Day)! 

TGIF? No, for Reigniacs, Friday is TGIRD (Thank God it's Reign Day)! 

Neither Elizabeth or Mary will back down from their resolve to destroy each other. Season 4 of Reign continues tomorrow night with "A Grain of Deception" and it looks like another great episode. I am always torn about revealing too much about an upcoming episode!  I don't want to ruin the surprise for you or myself so we'll stick to the basics.  

In the promo for tomorrow night's episode, it seems that Elizabeth will do whatever, deal with whomever to destroy Mary and keep her off the throne of England. It seems that includes John Knox even now that she knows it was Knox who tried to have her killed. 

In Scotland, Mary finds out that there is a leak amongst her supporters and she must find out who it is.  Mary is still unsure of James' loyalties and mistrust of her brother must be resolved if they are going to work together to save Scotland.

In France, dealing with the return of her powerful daughter and having lost the Regency, Catherine will take desperate measures to regain her power. Let me just say that I love Catherine de Medici and I can't wait to see what her next move will be! 

Questions I have for tomorrow.  Now that Elizabeth has freed Narcisse, will he return to Scotland with Jean?  It's no secret how he feels about Mary. Will he join forces with Elizabeth to take her down?  Where's King Charles? When do we get to meet Henry?  And of course, LEITH, LEITH, LEITH! 

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