#Reign - Three Days to Season Four

Reigniacs! The long-awaited day for Reign season four is almost here!  Now, on the with recap of S3!  In the interest of time, I'm going to tell each character's story instead of trying to cover the whole season in 3 days.

Let's start with Bash.  S3 for Bash begins with his search for Delphine who escaped the flames after she is convicted of murdering the young servant in her chambers.  He is able to track her because of the binding spell she has placed on him and can feel everything she is feeling. Bash stands by his brother as Francis' health deteriorates. Francis and Mary spend their last moments together and Francis dies.  Not knowing that his brother is gone, Bash finds Delphine. Charles finds them and they race to the castle just in time to resurrect Francis. Days later, though, Francis' is truly gone and, in one of my favorite scenes, it is up to Bash to inform Catherine. Devastated, Bash take Catherine to Francis. Pushing past his grief, he and Delphine embark on a hunt to find the killer whom they believe actually committed the murder that she was accused of. They set up a trap to capture him, but instead the killer captures Delphine and his compulsion to murder is transferred to her. Fearing Bash's safety, she leaves the castle.  Bash promises to wait for her. Bash continues the search on his own, not knowing that it is Christoph, one of the palace guards (and Catherine's lover).  A fragile truce develops between Catherine and Bash after he clears her name when she is convicted of killing Francis. He will again be by Catherine's side as they unravel the mystery of the 13 knights.

All the pieces are in place for Mary to return to Scotland. Bash admits that he still has feelings for her and he wants to accompany her to Scotland. He explains that he has no expectations of them having a life together, he just wants to protect her. Mary tells Bash that as much as she wants her with him, his place is France to watch over Charles.  Back at the castle, Delphine returns after King Charles asks her to be his seer. The killer is still on the loose and, unfortunately for Delphine, she discovers Christoph is the killer when they encounter each other at the castle. When he realizes that Delphine can identify him, he kills her. Bash figures out that Christoph is the killer and that Catherine knew it.  Bash confronts Catherine about Christoph and figures out that Catherine murdered Diane. He lunges at Catherine, almost choking her to death. Bash kills Christoph. It is clear to Bash that he can't stay in France and joins Mary on the voyage to Scotland.

Bash, Mary and Narcisse arrive in Scotland,  washed ashore in the shipwreck destroyed their ship.  Mary awakens and searches for Bash. At that moment, members of whom we learn will be the Clan McFee, are murdering survivors and taking their valuables. She sees Bash but he is unconscious and she can't get to him.  Just then, the clan is chased off by a tribe of Druids who rescue them and save Bash. The Clan McFee returns to the village and kills everyone. Mary and Bash are safe when they convince the clan that they were being held captive and continue their journey pretending to be brother and sister. Mary learns that the clan they are travelling with are the ones responsible for Francis' death and it is Mary's intention to go with them to their village and murder their leader, Munro. Once at the village, Munro discovers her true identity and Mary kills him!  As Munro bleeds out on the ground, Bash and Mary flee the village and Mary, with Bash by her side, make a triumphant entry to reclaim her throne!  Bash remains at Mary's side as she fights to gain her people's trust and allegiance. But, unbeknownst, to Mary, Bash has been having visions of the old Druid woman killed in the massacre of her village. She tells Bash that he is also a seer and that he must leave Scotland to "find himself."  So as he tells Mary of Lola's death, he also tells her he is leaving Scotland. He promises Mary that if she ever needs him, he will return.   

Sorry, didn't mean to write a book!  As Torrance Coombs leaves Reign for his new show, I am hoping that since this is the final season of Reign, he will return to be by Mary's side. 

 Just a few more days Reigniacs!