#Reign - We Pause from the S3 Recap...for the Latest S4 Promo

ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!  Reigniacs...finally our show returns!  Yes, it is bittersweet because it's the final season but please don't let that take away from the excitement of Reign's return!  In S3, Mary signed a peace treaty ending the rivalry and fighting between Scotland and England..  Afterwards, Francis and Mary escape for a trip to Paris but, "in a clearing," a day that began as a celebration ended with the loss of Francis.  Believing that England is behind the attack that ended in Francis' death, Mary returns home and destroys the documents!   As S3 ends, following orders she thinks are from Mary, Lola attempts to assassinate Elizabeth - an act which results in Lola's beheading. When Mary learns of Lola's death, she vows to take all that Elizabeth holds dear...the throne of England.

The newest promo for S4 is out and it's clear that the mutual respect that existed between the two queens is over - only hatred remains. Mary will seek revenge for Lola's death and after the attempt on her life fails, Elizabeth vows to kill Mary. There will be no more attempts for peace between Scotland and England.  Mary is determined to take England from Elizabeth and Elizabeth seeks to end Mary's claim to the throne permanently by killing her. I wonder what role, if any, Catherine will play in this battle of the queens. One thing is certain, only one queen will win. History tells us who the victor is but you can count on the Reign writers to take us a one final, wonderful ride!

Let the countdown begin!