#Reign - Will We See Francis Again?

Did Adelaide Kane just tell us that we may see Francis again in S4?  This Regboner can hardly contain her excitement! 

Adelaide Kane took to Facebook for her first live Q & A just prior to the start of S4. She answered fans questions about her plans after Reign, what her favorite episode was, what she will miss the most about playing Mary and if she has any upcoming projects that she could talk about. She was very cautious when answering questions about the finale, but when one fan asked about the love story of Francis and Mary, she answered with an impish grin and a twinkle in her eye, "their love was eternal which you may get a chance to see again in season four."  Could it be? Have the wonderful Reign writers figured out a way to give us one more glimpse of Francis and Mary?  Over the moon excited to see what happens!

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