So Reigniacs, where will you watch Reign tonight?  I will be watching with my daughter.  The 2 of us have been anxiously awaiting the start of S4 just like you!  In case you haven't heard, S4 of Reign tonight at 9 pm on The CW! 

So time for a brief synopsis of what's been happening in Queen Elizabeth's world.  Catherine is causing trouble. Elizabeth tricked. Catherine captured and back in France.  Elizabeth pressured to marry.  No mention of her almost marriage to Conde. Elizabeth "interviews" Don Carlos of Spain. Don Carlos wants proof that Elizabeth is a woman. Seriously.  Elizabeth sends Don Carlos on his way. Lola arrives in England.  She and Elizabeth form a bond over chess. Elizabeth begins to trust Lola. BIG MISTAKE!  Elizabeth loves Robert Dudley. Dudley is married to crazy wile, Amy.  Elizabeth and Darnley hook up.   Elizabeth is pregnant. Elizabeth poisoned and lost baby.  Dudley loses temper, almost kills Amy. Dudley is remorseful. Crazy Amy causes trouble for Dudley.  Crazy Amy locked up. She escapes and throws herself off the balcony.  Splat! Dudley is accused of killing her. Dudley acquitted but must leave Court. Trusted advisor poisoned Elizabeth. Trusted advisor also fantasizes about Elizabeth. Creepy!  Trusted advisor is banished.  Elizabeth still pressured to marry. Entertains King of Denmark. King of Denmark not so much. Elizabeth proclaims that she will never marry. Elizabeth visits Dudley in secret. Lola warns her against it. Elizabeth obsessed by Mary. Lola overhears the conversation and learns England's fleet will be out of commission for a short period of time.  Lola tells Mary.  Mary returns to Scotland.  Elizabeth confronts Lola.  Elizabeth learns that Mary died in a shipwreck. Tells Lola. Now Scotland has no Queen. Elizabeth wants to rule both Scotland and England.  Lola agrees to help her.  MARY IS NOT DEAD! Elizabeth still wants Scotland.  Gideon arranges for Lola's escape. Narcisse returns for Lola.  Dudley tries to see Elizabeth.  Lola attempts to assassinate Elizabeth. Lola loses her head. Dudley returns to Court.  Elizabeth wants to marry him.  Dudley married someone else. Elizabeth vows to kill Mary. Poor Elizabeth!

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