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The good news is that we are just a little over 2 weeks away from the Reign S4 premiere!  The bad news is that this is also the beginning of the end. They have to cover a lot of ground to properly tell Mary's story in 16 episodes, but the word is that fans will be pleased with the way it ends. 

Ok, back to the recap of S3.  Episode 2 finds Catherine locked in the dungeon demanding to see Francis.  Mary tells Francis that she is not pregnant. In light of this, to secure Mary's future, protect the alliance with Scotland and for the future of France, Francis suggests that Mary wed Charles. She agrees.  It is now time for them to tell the rest of the family of Francis' illness and share the news with Charles that he is to wed Mary. 

In England, it is discovered that Elizabeth was harboring Catherine and English nobles threatened to rise against her. To cover her "you know what," Elizabeth enlists the help of a friend to say that Catherine was visiting her, not the queen. The plan backfires, and Elizabeth's friend and her husband end up banished from Court, and their lands were taken.

Back in France, feelings are growing between Narcisse and Lola. As Lola bathes, she finds a dead rat in her bath! She assumes that it's Catherine's doing, and she fears her growing relationship with Narcisse is a threat to Catherine, and this was her attempt to scare Lola away.  Does it work? 

Francis tells Catherine that he is dying and she desperately tries to convince him of her love. Francis shares his plan for Charles and Mary to wed. Mary and Francis give Charles permission to meet with Catherine. Catherine tricks Charles into ordering the death of the King of Navarre by delivering a secret message to an assassin in the village.  Francis and Mary intercept the message before the assassination is carried out, and Charles learns what his mother is truly capable of and agrees to wed Mary.

Bash and Leith search for Delphine. Francis' illness is progressing.

More to follow!

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