Will Aladdin and Emma Share The Same Fate on #OnceUponATime?

Storybrooke is being flooded with untold stories during season 6 of Once Upon a Time. So far, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Count of Monte Cristo, and Jasmine have all made an appearance. Episode 5, "Street Rats," was about Aladdin and how he became a savior. Now that Aladdin has revealed himself, could this be the end of Aladdin and Jasmine's story? Or will Aladdin play a big role in Emma's story?

In Photo: Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison)

Emma's Deadly Fate

Aladdin revealed to Emma that he used the Fates' shears to sever his destiny. He is no longer the savior and is apparently safe from his destiny of death. The writers have been teasing us with Emma's death since the beginning of the season. They used Aladdin's story to continue Emma's. Once Upon a Time has been dealing with several different stories this season. They have almost taken on too many, but it looks like they are finally back to Emma's story. She was finally forced to tell her parents and Hook about her visions and now she has learned about the shears from Aladdin. Hopefully, the next episode will be about Emma, but the writers may choose to draw that story out even more. I wonder if she will follow the same path as Aladdin or if she will meet her destiny as the savior.

In Photo: Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) and Princess Jasmine (Karen David)

The End of Aladdin and Jasmine's Story

Aladdin told Emma that he ran away from his fate and his responsibilities as a Savior. When he went to find Jasmine, he discovered that she had been searching for him to save Agrabah. Jasmine's character in Once Upon a Time seems more than a little selfish and irritating. When she thought Aladdin was dead, she wept over her role in turning him into a savior, but as soon as she found out he was alive, she wanted him to take up that mantle once again. She too ran away from Agrabah instead of saving it. I hope the writers keep them around for a couple more episodes so that they can make Jasmine's character a little more tolerable. Maybe she will take on the responsibilities of saving Agrabah herself once she realizes that Aladdin would have died. 

In Photo: Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and Henry (Jared Gilmore)

Is Death Really The Savior's Destiny?

I'm having my doubts as to whether or not death is really the saviors' destiny. Jafar was the one who gave Aladdin the visions. Jafar had the same little red bird that Emma followed to the oracle. I am wondering if the oracle, who is conveniently dead, was sent by Jafar to dissuade Aladdin from following his destiny. Maybe Aladdin would have lived if he hadn't given up his title of savior. Since Hook kept the scissors maybe Emma and Aladdin will share the same fate.

Do you think Emma is really seeing visions of her future? Or are they fabricated by a villain? Do you want to see more of Aladdin and Jasmine? 

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