Reigniacs Season 5 of #Reign Without Mary?

As reported previously, the focus of Reign S4 will be on the three queens, Catherine, Mary and Elizabeth.  Catherine will continue to have her battles in France. In Scotland, we will see a tougher side of Mary as she fights to keep her throne.  In England, Elizabeth's hatred of Mary has grown and she will focus all her might on Mary's demise.  SPOILER! There is a rumor that Bash will return to save Mary from Queen Elizabeth!  This is not confirmed but it does give me hope that we will see Bash at least one more time!  SPOILER #2! Because the producers are keeping to the historical life of Mary, Elizabeth will be victorious in removing Mary from the throne. Victory also means that Mary must die and she will at the hands of Elizabeth.  Mary will be captured by Elizabeth and imprisoned. In the end, our beloved Mary is beheaded.  Whether or not S4 will end in Mary's death remains to be seen but if what is rumored is true, it appears that S5 (if there is one)  would see the series go on without Adelaide Kane!  This same article suggests that writers and producers are already working on S5 and that they see Mary's death as a way to bring in new characters and bigger storylines.  So, my question to you is this...will you watch Reign S5 if it continues without Mary?  I will continue to support Reign just like I did when Toby left and will watch every episode until the last one airs but I love Adelaide Kane and I will be heartbroken to watch her death and to see the show go on without her. Check back often because as news breaks on all things Reign, you can be sure that I will post it here.  Long May She Reign!   

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