#ShadesOfBlue S2, Ep. 1 "Unforgiven" Season Premiere Preview/Trailer/Clips

Harlee Santos takes drastic measures to cover up the murder of her abusive ex, Miguel. Lieutenant Matt Wozniak makes a deal with FBI Agent Robert Stahl to keep himself and his crew out of jail but discovers Stahl has led him into an impossible trap. As the crew deals with the fallout from the failed heist, Tess struggles to keep her painful gunshot wound under wraps. 

If you haven't seen Shades of Blue, it's a must see! I recommend download the NBC App,  NBC.com or pick up the DVD to watch the first season. The first season isn't long, only 13 episodes and you will fly by so fast that you'll just want Season 2 to start now. It was last season's breakout hit of the winter when it debut in January 2016. And of course, Jennifer Lopez won People's Choice Award for Best New Female Drama Actress for her role in the series.

Before the season begins, I'll have a recap of season one posted.

Here's a trailer for the new season: 

You can catch the season premiere of Shades of Blue Sunday, March 5th at 10/9c on NBC.