Shaking off the End of Reign! #Reign

It's been a few days since we heard the news that S4 would be the last for Reign.  It is sad news to be sure but we still have 16 more episodes to lose ourselves in lives of Mary, Catherine and Elizabeth so let's shake it off and concentrate on all the twist and turns and the great story that the writers have promised us. 

So, as you know S4 debuts on Friday, February 10th at 9pm.  We lost a lot of our beloved characters in S3. First was Francis, which was devastating, but then we lost Lola and Leith!  At first I held out hope that Leith could be alive but as S4 photos emerged and Leith was not seen on-set I had to come to terms with the fact that he was gone too.  Kenna left to have her baby and actually Greer did too.  But wait! Did we lose Greer?  Shown below is a cast photo posted today on Facebook.  Look closely at the photo.  Keep looking.  Did you spot her yet?  Standing on the end behind Craig's Celina Sinden! GREER!  I am so happy that at least one of Mary's ladies returns!  So the obvious question now is what happened to Castleroy and the baby?  Does she return to France or does she join Mary in Scotland.  If she returns to Scotland, does she see her parents?  I know I speak for all Reigniacs when I say February can't come soon enough!