Sleepy Hollow S4 : What You Need To Know #SleepyHollow

As many a Sleepy Hollow fan knows, Ichabod is all alone this coming season.  Much to everyone's surprise, Ichabod's partner in battle, Agent Abbie Mills was killed off at the end of last season.  There has been much speculation and pure anger over the actress leaving the show, but we are not here to discuss that.

The show could have been cancelled, but a meeting was held and it was discussed of a reboot idea.  It must have been a good one, because they got the green light for a Season 4!

What is in store for Season 4, you ask?  Here is what I do know........

Episode 1 is entitled "Columbia".  

Now I am sure this is a nod to where Ichabod is being sent to.  He is moving from Sleepy Hollow, NY to Washington, D.C. Can we say HUGE culture shock there!  I can hear him complaining about the politics now!  I am also sure it is a nod to the original name of what we now know as Washington D.C.  - Territory of Columbia (1791).  It wasn't a district until 1871 when it was incorporated.  (Sorry....history geek coming through!)

New Actress to replace Nicole Beharie

True Blood actress, Janina Gavankar has been cast to portray Diana, a Secret Service Agent who will eventually team up with Ichabod.  She does not believe in anything of the supernatural, so she will butt heads with Ichabod but, like Abbie, she will eventually give in and see the truth.  She is also supposed to be the "new" witness.

New Allies are made

Everyone needs allies.  Especially if you are fighting evil, so of course, Ichabod and Diana will need as many as they can get.  Secretly hoping that Jenny will be around on occasion, but we will have to see.  We know of at least two new allies:

Rachel Melvin (Awkward) will portray Alex Norwood, an engineering prodigy and who takes care of and handles all artifacts and items of supernatural nature.

Jerry MacKinnon (Empire) will portray Jake Wells, who writes down and journals all supernatural news and information.

A New Villan (of course!)

Jeremy Davies (Lost) will be Ichabod's new nemesis.  Described as an eccentric billionaire who will lock horns with Crane, but it is not clear as how he is the new villan.  I am going to guess that he likes supernatural artifacts and has a dark, evil side.  A supernatural Moriarty to our Sherlock (Ichabod).

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 is set to appear in early 2017 (no set date as of yet).  Stay tuned for more information and feel free to like and subscribe to this page to keep up to date on all things Sleepy Hollow and many other great TV shows!