#StillStarcrossed - Pilot Episode

#Reign fans sadly said goodbye to Bash (Torrance Coombs) in season 3 as he left Mary's side to find his inner "seer."  But before he left, he promised Mary that he would return if she ever needed him. There are three episodes until the Reign series finale and Mary is definitely going to need him. Fans would be thrilled to see Bash return but if he does it's a well-guarded secret. 

The good news for fans of Torrance Coombs is that the pilot for his new series, "Still Starcrossed" airs on Monday, May 29th at 10:00 pm on ABC.  "Still Starcrossed" is a Shonda Rhimes show and follows the lives of Romeo and Juliet's families in the aftermath of their suicides. 

Torrance plays Count David Paris, the man whom Juliet was to marry. Though "Still Starcrossed" is another period piece for Torrance, Count Paris is definitely not Bash and if you have ever seen Coombs as Thomas Culpepper in The Tudors, you'll know that he's very good at playing a villain.  

I think "Still Starcrossed" is going to be another hit for Shonda Rhimes and will give Reign fans a great show to get us through Reign withdrawals.  

Watch for my recap after the first episode and any news, scoops, and spoilers throughout the season!