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#Stitchers Coming to San Diego Comic Con!

The panel will be on Thursday July 20th at 12 p.m. I won't personally be there, but I will update this when I know more.

  • Kirsten was originally supposed to be with Fisher, not Cameron according to Emma Ishta, Kirsten. I was expecting a love triangle the entire first season, so I'm glad I'm not crazy.
  • In this interview Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris, Cameron, talk about Camsten, the next episode, the aether that is the future of the show, and a possible musical episode. I need Linus Bollywood dancing now and Cameron has Stitcher's fanfiction that I also need. Get on it Freeform!
  • In this interview with Ritesh Rajan, Linus, Damon Dayoub, Fisher, and Jeffrey Schechter, talk about character development, the season as a whole, and how great Damon would be as Batman.