#Stitchers Coming to San Diego Comic Con!

The panel will be on Thursday July 20th at 12 p.m. I won't personally be there, but I will update this when I know more.

  • Kirsten was originally supposed to be with Fisher, not Cameron according to Emma Ishta, Kirsten. I was expecting a love triangle the entire first season, so I'm glad I'm not crazy.
  • In this interview Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris, Cameron, they talk about Camsten, the next episode, the aether that is the future of the show, and a possible musical episode. I need Linus Bollywood dancing now and Cameron has Stitcher's fanfiction that I also need. Get on it Freeform!
  • In this interview with Ritesh Rajan, Linus, Damon Dayoub, Fisher, and Jeffrey Schechter, they talk about character development, the season as a whole, and how great Damon would be as Batman. 
  • In this TVline interview with Ritesh Rajan, Kyle Harris, Emma Ishta, and Damon Dayoub, they talk about Cameron being a punching bag, how relationship heavy this season has been, and what to expect for the rest of it
  • In this Entertainment Weekly interview with Damon, Kyle, Emma, and Ritesh, they talk about whether Ivy can be trusted, the family structure of the show, and what to expect from the season finale.

In this Fanbolt interview with Jeffrey Schechter, Damon Dayoub, and Ritesh Rajan, they talk about the future of the show, Figgy and the kids, and aliens.