#Supergirl Season 3: Meeting Reign with a Twist


When the third season of Supergirl premieres, expect to see a new big bad Reign but she is not your typical villian. That could be because she might not know that she is a villian. 

If you remember at the closing of season two, it was revealed that another pod escaped Krypton's destruction, housing a bio-engineered weapon called Reign, also known to all as a Worldkiller. In the comics, the Worldkillers are bloodthiirsty, super-powered beings that's set out to conquer Earth. 


But when Dette Annable (House) makes her debut in the season premiere, she'll be playing a very different character than what the comic book fans have come to know from the New 52s. 

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW, "When we meet Reign, she's just a woman. Her name is Samanthan and she's a single mom who has no idea that she is Reign: she has no idea that she was the baby in the pod at the end of last season, so the journey that she takes this season as we watch her realize her heritage and see how it manifests."

With Samantha's transformation into Reign, will speak with the show's theme this year. "The thing everybody is struggling with on Supegirl this season is What does it mean to be humans?", Kreisberg says, stressing that Supergirl needed to shake things up with the choices of big bad. "I'm not only competing with myself on Supergirl, but I'm competing with with myself on all the other shows that I've done, and by that I mean I don't want to repeat what I've done on Supergirl, nor do I want to repeat what I've done on Arrow and Flash." 

Oh please don't repeat what you did on Arrow, I can't stand another I'm done being a hero at one end and deciding to come back in another. Three seasons of that gets pretty tiresome. 

Kreisberg contuines, Usually on these shows, you either meet the big bad at the end of episode one or you meet them at episode seven or nine, and you realize that they've been pulling the strings the whole time, and were out there working with their multi-year plan to take down the heroes or destroy the city. When we were figuring out Reign, one thing we've never really seen on any of these shows is we've never seen the big bad become the big bad."

It seems that we're in for a hell of a season. So ge ready for it when Supergirl premieres on Monday, October 9th at 8/7c on The CW.