D.S. Bruno

#GUILT Premiere Recap & Review

After much waiting and anticipation, Freeform’s Guilt finally premiered last night and while I thought it was less informative than other shows it gave us the right info for uncovering the start of finding out who killed Molly. It opens up in a nightclub where we are introduced to Molly, her sister Grace, Molly’s roommate and the guy Grace was seeing. We are then woken up by the sunrise; Grace comes off the roof where she and the bf were sleeping after a crazy night of what I can only refer to sex, drugs and party. They walk through the London flat and open the door to Molly’s bedroom, and she’s not there, so they walk through the house, opening all the doors, and it shows Molly stabbed to death. Blood everywhere on the walls.  The detectives and the police officers came to the flat and collected evidence. Grace and her fling aka bf were questioned and released; Grace sister Natalie a lawyer from the state travel to London, and contacted their stepfather who got  Grace the best lawyer and Natalie work with lawyer Stan Gutterie to clear Grace’s name, but they are discovering that nothing is what it seems. Grace doesn’t remember much from that night but bits and pieces. Grace and the bf flee only to get caught. We find out from the M.E that Molly was pregnant.  We also know that Molly had a stalker. More on that speculation later, just know that there is a prince involve somehow and Molly might have been a prostitute. The drama is just beginning.

We are looking forward to figuring out the mysteries of who killed Molly and why. 

This story parallels the Amanda Knox story. 

Let us know in the comments what you think of the season premiere of #Guilt.