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#OnceUponATime New 6x06 "Dark Waters" Photos: Hook Is Being Held Captive By Captain Nemo!

#OnceUponATime New 6x06 "Dark Waters" Photos: Hook Is Being Held Captive By Captain Nemo!

Aladdin and Jasmine's storyline will continue in season 6 episode 6 of Once Upon a Time, titled "Dark Waters." And 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is coming to the show via a Hook flashback.

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AM Teen's Top 30 Most Hottest Men On TV 2016

30) Ben Mckenzie “ As James Gordon”

29) Grant Gustin “As Barry Allen”

28) D.b Woodside  ’‘As Amenadiel’’

27) Kit Harington “Jon Snow”

26) Tyler Hoechlin “Dereck Hale”

25) Alex O'Loughlin  As Steve McGarett (Hawaii Five-O)’  

24) Jesse Lee Soffer As Jay Halstead (Chicago PD) 

23) Kristen Holden-Ried  as Dyson (Lost Girl) 

22) Scott Foley 'As Jake Ballard (Scandal)

21) Ian Harding “As Ezra  Fitz’' 

20) Luke Mitchell ’'As Lincoln Campbell’' 

19) Tom Ellis  ’'As Lucifer”  

18) Sam Heughan “As Jamie Frasier”

17) Jussie Smollett  ’'As Jamal Lyon’’

16) Robert Buckley “ As Major Lilywhite”

15) Andrew Lincoln “As Rick Grimes”

14) Travis Van Winkle “ As Danny Green”

13) Wentworth Miller “As Captain Cold”

12) Chris Wood “ As Jake Riley”

11) Justin Baldoni “ As Rafael Solano”

10) Josh Dallas “ As Prince Charming”

9) Ricky Whittle “ As Lincoln’' 

8) Paul Wesley ” As Stephan Salvatore’’

7) David Giuntoli “ As Nick Burkhardt”

6) Ian Somerhalder “ As Damon Salvatore”

5) Colin O'Donoghue “ As Captan Hook”

4) Robbie Amell “  Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm/Deathstorm

3) Torrance Coombs” As Sebastian “ 

2) Jensen Ackles ” AS Dean Winchester “ 

1) Stephen Amell ’'As The Arrow’'