The Moment That Outlander Fans Have Waited For! Ep6 "A. Malcolm"


Claire and Jamie reunite bed.jpg

It has been 20 LONG years to this reunion for Jamie and Claire.  It just feels that way to us fans.  FINALLY, we see Claire in last night's episode walk into that print shop.  However, just before they can talk and especially touch, Jamie faints dead away (and very graceful I might add) and Claire's face shows shock and then.......BAM....end of episode 5.  DANG IT ALL!

To top that off, STARZ announced that there is a break between the two episodes.  So we will not see the reunion (or the hot sex that you darn well will accompany it) until OCTOBER 22!

However, if you have missed any episodes thus far in Season 3, dinna fash, STARZ will be running them as a marathon prior to the showing of Episode 6 which will air at 8pm on Sunday, Oct. 22.  

Yes, there is going to be sex, and it might just mimic in a way, the wedding night.  Both are tentative and shy almost at being apart from each other so long.  However, the life of Jamie and Claire Fraser is NEVER simple, so we will come to find that Jamie's lifestyle doesn't allow for a simple peaceful life.