Reiginacs...The Real Story of Queen Mary and Lord Darnley #Reign

Happy Thanksgiving, Reigniacs!  Thankfully, S4 of Reign returns on Friday, February 10th at 9pm!  In the coming weeks, we'll recap S3 and make predictions for S4. 

But tonight, we're going to talk about one of the best "cold cases" in history!  We know that Mary weds again in season four and we know that Will Kemp has been cast as Lord Darnley, who will be Mary's second husband.  A recent article I read suggested that though their marriage was brief, it was happy. But was it? 

Darnley's given name was Henry Stuart, and he was Mary's cousin!  When Mary first saw him, it is said that she was drawn to him because he was tall and handsome. Did you know Mary was 6 ft tall?   Darnley also had a blood claim to the English throne which would have made marriage to him even more attractive to Mary. SPOILER!! Soon after their marriage, Mary becomes pregnant with their son, James, who would be Mary Queen of Scot's only child. Despite impending fatherhood, Darnley's true nature as a demanding, argumentative and cruel man emerges. Mary, growing increasingly unhappy in her marriage, turns to David Rizzio, her private secretary and faithful friend.  Darnley hated Rizzio, believing he was turning Mary against him and begins plotting his murder. On a chilly evening in March, an argument between David Rizzio and Lord Darnley turns violent and ends with the stabbing death of Rizzio. 

What happens next continues to be one of the best unsolved mysteries in history! 

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