#TheBlacklist returns Tonight in a very different way

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The Blacklist returns tonight for its winter premiere, and it's back with a very different episode. Megan Boone was interviewed by Natalie Abrams of Entertainment Weekly to talk about tonight's episode of The Blacklist. 

"Ruin" isn't the usual Blacklist traditional episode that we've been used to, but more of what "Cape May" was two seasons ago. 

"Ruin" is a standalone film centered around Liz's experience after Tom's death, which gives it a very reflective tone," said Boone, about tonight's episode. "It's a very different from our fast-paced thriller episodes of The Blacklist. This episode is cinematic. Even the title is "Ruin" rather than the name of a blacklist because it veers away from the formula of solving the cases of The Blacklist."

Boone talks about that we'll; find Liz abandoning her life and running away from something. There will be flashbacks that will help viewers catch up on the key aspects of the aftermath of Tom's death, but will also show how there's an intrinsic, inescapable tie to her past. 

We'll see Liz struggling as she's "very, very injured" and is damaged physically. 

Boone says to expect this back half of season five to explore Liz as she's approaching "this phase of her life, and we'll see her lean on these may be genetically inherited darker impulses and behave a little bit like Red. But in that, we'll also see her able to enjoy the darker underbelly of life a little bit more."

Here's a sneak peak and interview on Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning.

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You can catch The Blacklist as it returns tonight at 8/7c on NBC.