#TheBlacklist Season 4 promo

What perfect timing, right? I was just about the ask when will there be a teaser/promo to the new season of The Blacklist? We go it during the Rio Olympics this past week and boy it gets me super excited!!

It finally has come and only very little is seen, but I think that the only thing new from it is Spader looking around. As it shows of Liz and Red when they first meet and when she tells him she has remembered everything that she shouldn't have. 

The images look shattered and why wouldn't it be with the season finale left us with glass all over the floor with the biggest twists. And looks like that we will get the answer to that question we all ask: Who's Liz's Father?

If you remember or seen the season finale, Alexander Kirk takes Liz, ties her up to a chair in a private room and tells her that he's her father.