#TheBlacklist Theory That May Not Be So Crazy

For four and a half seasons, we've been teased with the question of how is Raymond Reddington connected to Elizabeth Keen. Well, there's one crazy theory that maybe to be not so crazy as it sounds....that he may not be her father but Liz i still his daughter. 

TV Guide has take one popular fan theory that has suggests that Liz is Red's daughter because Red was previously known as Katarina Rostova a.k.a. Liz's mother. 

There seems to be some good evidence to back it up even though there's no episodes to give a more credence to the theory, but the fall finale. When the DNA test confirmed that Alexander Kirk, who was romantically linked with Liz's mother, was not Liz's father, but in the alone moment Reddingto told Kirk that "Elizabeth is my daughter." 

And then, just when Kirk was about the plunge a needle into Red's neck, Red whispered something in Kirk's ear that made him stop short. We have no clue what Red said to Kirk, but whatever it was, was apparently enough to make Kirk disappear from Liz's life for good.  Give or take that his exit was voluntary or not.

But later in a scene with Liz, Reddington reiterates his previous statement that Liz's father died when she was young, and stresses that he has never lied to her. The only possible way to make both of those statements true is Liz's father is dead, Liz is Red's daughter could be true if Red is in fact, Katrina. 

Known as the "Mommy Theory" this could explain why the creator and executive producer, Jon Bonkenkamp, refuses to answer whether Red is Liz's father, even when it seems like the question has been resolved within the show. When asked, Bokenkamp says "It's best to let the show speak for itself."

But there have been hints in that point the theory:

In Season 3 episode "Cape May," Red has hallucinations of encountering with Katarina, who later disappears on the beach after what sppears to be several suicide attempts, telling Red "You had no choice. it was me or Masha. But you did save me. Through her."

Since all of his interactions with the mysterious woman was in his head, some view this as merely an inner monologue, present-day Red being absolved by his former self. 

Back in October, when TV Guide asked Bokenkamp whether it's possible that Liz's mother could still be alive, he replied with this: "They never did find her body. That is true. She, as the story goes, walked off into the water and committed suicide at Cape May and short of washed away. But it is true that her body was never found." 

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