#TheFlash : Who is Savitar? (SPOILERS)

CWs hit show The Flash returns tonight with the episode "The Once and Future Flash". This leads us to believe we may actually find out who Savitar is tonight, since the biggest clue we have to Savitar's identity is "I'm the future, Flash". 

There are several different theories as to who The Flash could be, including; The Future Barry Allen, Wally West, Julian, and of course H.R. Wells. 

(MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD) Since we recently found out via a set visitor that H.R. Wells will die in the end of the season, it's an easy guess that The Flash will defeat Savitar an, of course, H.R. will die. The Flash wouldn't win any originality points through making Tom Cavanagh the villain once again, but it's not the furthest possibility. 

TV Guide has posted an article saying they're certain Savitar is Barry from The Future. Because of quotes like "I've already lived it" and "I'm the future, Flash" Duality has also been a recurring theme throughout the season, so this theory is entirely plausible. 

Another popular theory is that Wally West is Savitar. The biggest evidence to this being his interaction with Wally's girlfriend, Jessie Quick. He tells Jessie he has plans for her and regards her just a little differently than he does everyone else.

So, who do you think Savitar will end up being tonight? Let us know in the comments or tweet @onceuponakayy