#TheRoyals on E! Returns Tonight For A New Season

Here is what you need to remember from last season.

Ø  Liam works with Jasper to solve his brother and father’s death.

Ø  Cyrus becomes king and a father.

Ø  Queen Helena plot to secure a spot on the throne.

Ø  Cyrus has balls cancer (funny because he has no balls).

Ø  Ophelia is still in New York (honestly, I didn’t miss her last season I don’t see her purpose).

Ø  The twins celebrate their birthday together.

Ø  Eleanor meets a new friend Mandy, who turns out to be Jasper Ex and former partner in crime.

Ø  Ted turns out to be the killer of the late king, to get revenge for Ophelia’s mother’s death (I never saw that coming.)

Ø  The Royal Family bands together to foil Jeffrey Stewart's plan to destroy them.

Ø  Liam finds a new love interest, but I don’t know how long this one will last.

Ø  Eleanor and Jasper might have a rocky season ahead.



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