#TheWalkingDead 7B News Recap (December 28th, 2016/January 6th, 2017)

 ***This article does contain spoilers from The Walking Dead and possible spoilers from the back half of the seventh season. Continue at your risk. You have been warned.***


As of lately but more like always, the cast and crew of The Walking Dead have been very tight lipped when it comes to spilling any news regarding the show. A few feelers have been loosely spread throughout the media but there is very little to go by. Frustrating, yes. But its nothing new. Since the show's inception, the cast has been that way.

Only a handful of the cast has spoken out, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zombie King Greg Nicotero and exclusive producer Robert Kirkman. Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) says that when the show returns, the band will be back and ready to see his main family take action once again.  

  •  " From Rick's point of view, you see a man in action once again with some of the closest members of his family. There's more levily to Mr. Rick Grimes then ever before seen."

Norman Reedus has spoken out about the future of his character and the anger soon to be released in 7B as well.

  •   On the mid-season finale episode of Talking Dead, Norman Reedus pointed out that things are getting ready to change. Daryl is about to become more dangerous and ready to kick (and kill) some savior booty. After what his character (Daryl Dixon) endured, he has a mixed mind of emotions and thoughts. Daryl is about to go through some serious psychological issues dealing directly and indirectly with Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) forgiving his character for being directly responsible for Glenn's death. He also pointed out that Dixon hasn't completely processed the deaths of two of his close friends, Abraham and Glenn."

Exclusive Producer, Writer and Creator of The Walking Dead Comic Book, Robert Kirkman gave some further insight about the back half of the seventh season including Daryl's mental state.

  • " Daryl was a pace changer this season, telling Rick in past seasons that they needed to bring in and trust more people. But that has changed and that's obvious after Daryl's killing "Fat Joey." Kirkman said. "His violent outburst revealed not only how bad it was at the Sanctuary for (Daryl) and how deep Negan got under his skin, but it was also a needed release of anger Dixon had been holding in since the incident in Atlanta (Beth's death).

Kirkman also weighed in on those mysterious boots stalking Father Gabriel. 

  1.     "The boots are in fact connected to the boat scene. The boots are connected to a character and place that will be seen (and dealt with) in the second half of the season." Kirkman also promises fans ass kicking and lots of badass-ery.



How do you think this half of the season will go? What are your thoughts on some of the casts comments? Let me know below. 

A new episode The Walking Dead airs February 12th at 9p.m. Only on AMC