#TheWalkingDead Death Prediction Part 1; Glenn Rhee


April 3rd, 2016
The Walking Dead has left us with one of the BIGGEST
cliffhanger in the show's history. But they also made history. The debut of Negan was a long awaited, highly anticipated, gut wrenching showcase of the well known villain from the comics. And did they deliver? Yes sir they did! But the finale left many fans with anger, grief and some may even say anxiety of who got the better end of "Lucille", Negan's barbed wir wrapped bat. Below I will list a few reasons why I think it may have been Glenn.

My first death prediction for Lucille's victim is Glenn. Why? The main reason is obvious. It would follow his comic book death for one, and two he has no more story line.

AMC has currently brought on too many main characters for their budget. So they're going to have to cut at least one. Glenn Rhee aka Steven Yeun has been with the show since its start in 2010. Granted, his pay isn't like Andrew Lincoln's or Norman Reedus', but his pay is still high. Roughly, Steven Yeun is being paid around $42,000 per episode. So a budget cut would be in the varying factors.

Another factor would be, as I said before, his comic book line. Granted, a few have gone on since their character deaths were met in the comic books (Abraham, Carol, etc.) In the comics, Glenn met his inevitable death at the hand of Negan and Lucille when they met. So, why not in the show? He would be on my hot list for characters to be the victim. Now granted, some characters have taken others deaths in most recent events, Denise took Abraham's death but I'm not too sure about this one. The only one that I think MAYBE would be able to take his spot is Maggie. That will be later.

If you think about it, there is no more need for Glenn. He has been a big deal since the start of the show but in the recent season, he hasn't been a big deal. He's become like a lot of the characters in the show, they come and slowly begin to fade away. He has been a huge fan favorite and it would impact the fan base and it would rock everyone on the show. It would be a big ordeal so if you think about it, it would be a good choice if they did choose him over the others. But, we still have 26 days to go.

We won't truly know until October 23rd, so keep the guessing game up. Until next time, stay safe. Have a good time. And remember, Walking Dead On!

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin

 S7 Promo photo of Glenn Rhee

S7 Promo photo of Glenn Rhee

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