#TheWalkingDead Death Prediction Part 3; Sgt. Abraham Ford

April 3rd, 2016

My third death prediction would be Sergeant Abraham Ford. Ah yes, the big red ginger with the handlebar mustache and the catchy catchphrases. Here's why I think he may be next:

Given the circumstances, what is his need on the show, anymore? He's a rather liked character, and some could say a top five fan favorite. But maybe not enough to make AMC kill him off. He's a very likable character if you can get through the buttheaded sarcasm personality. He's a rather cool guy, but there
are some tale tale sign that he could be Lucille's victim; just like Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun, Michael Cudlitz has not been seen on set since the premiere episode of season 7 has been confirmed filmed. Many have rumored to see him once it twice, but that's it. No one has snapped photos of the ginger since.

In most recent events In the show, Doctor Denise Cloyd took Abraham's death by an arrow in the eye by Dwight stealing Daryl's crossbow. In the comics, that was Abraham.

Another point is Abraham is caught in a love triangle with Sasha and Rosita (both of which are lined up kneeling before Negan). He told Rosita that the only reason he was with her was because he thought there were no more women left. Well, when he got close with Sasha, things began to fade between him and Rosita. And, as we've seen on the show, romances rarely last on the screen, so maybe someone is going to have to be taken out from that equation.

In the season 6 finale, "Last Day On Earth" upon kneeling for Negan, Abraham suggested that he was ready to go. As Negan walked by, Abraham rose, and Negan caught it. Maybe this is another fact pointing to Abraham's ultimate demise...

But, we won't know who really dies until the 23rd of October. So until next time, be safe everyone.

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin

Season 7 Promo photo Abraham Ford

Season 7 Promo photo Abraham Ford