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#TheWalkingDead Death Prediction Part 4; Glenn, Abe and Maggie

April 3rd, 2016

Well, we have reached my fourth and final death prediction... But it has a twist. It involves two characters and two different scenarios. So let's begin, shall we?

My first two character scenario is Glenn and Abraham. This, like many people, have speculated, is very possible. Glenn and Abraham had gotten close after the whole "Washington DC" ordeal after Glenn refused to leave his people and after Abe vowed his loyalty to the group. After Abraham's breakup with Rosita, he was kind of regretting things, in my opinion, as far as causing so much grief. He felt bad so he lashed out (I think) at Rosita, and that's why he left the way he did.

But my main reason for thinking it's Glenn and Abraham is this; After they had their spat, Abe and Glenn had gotten close. Close
friends I guess you could say. And after Glenn said, "Are you with us?" I think that changed Abe's views on Rick's group. Before, I think he though that they were in his way. Well, they're family now. And he'll do anything to protect his family. Same as Glenn...

This is how Ithink it may happen: Glenn is brought to Negan by being either kicked or drug. As Negan brings Lucille down, Abraham rises and attempts to attack Negan, but Dwight or one of the other Saviors is at the ready, and either grabs him or shoots him -none fatal. Negan commences to beating 'the holy hell' out of them both, leaving them all terrified, sickened and afraid. This would impact the fan base, the character, basically, anyone who watches the show if you think about it. No one would really ever see something like that coming. And it would leave everyone broken.

Here is my next death scenario theory: Maggie and Glenn.

Glenn already attempted to save Maggie once, but Negan threatened to kill her if he or anyone moved again. But what if Glenn was the one to getLucille'd and then Maggie tried to come to his defense...

Many have rumored that Maggie was heard yelling Glenn's name after that first blow hit the victim. Many have slowed it down to 1/100th of a second, and it does sound like a female crying out 'GLENN.'

If this is true, this is what could happen; As Negan brings down the baton Glenn's head, Maggie could cry out and stumble to Glenn, attempting to stop Negan. Now, I'm sure many won't believe this or support this theory because Maggie was barely able to stay conscious, but love, fear, and adrenaline can make you do crazy things. But I will continue; after she gets to Glenn and Negan, she either begs for him to stop or tries to fight him and in the end, Negan kills them both...

These are just hunches, guys! So no, they are not spoilers. They could potentially turn into spoilers, but as of right now, they are not. Only pure guesses and theories based on my thoughts.

Let me know what you're predictions are in the comments below!

But as always, we won't know who really dies until the 23rd of October. So until next time, be safe everyone.

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin

Glenn Rhee S7 Promo Photo

Glenn Rhee S7 Promo Photo

Abraham Ford S7 Promo Photo 

Abraham Ford S7 Promo Photo 

Maggie Greene S7 Promo Photo

Maggie Greene S7 Promo Photo

Season 7 Hype Photo (SDCC 2016)
Season 7 Hype Photo (SDCC 2016)