#TheWalkingDead Negan, Rating, The Saviors And The Havoc They Create

If Sunday's premiere episode of The Walking Dead wasn't enough for you, I'm sure this season will be jam packed with plenty more action...


Jeffrey Dean Morgan delivered a chillingly good Negan performance in Sunday's premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead. And dare I say, it was quite natural...

JDM took on the Negan role like he was born to play this sadistic villain. From the eerily charming smile to the swing of his bat, the man plays that role like he was Negan, himself. I believe that Jeffrey is the best-suited character for TV's Negan. But that's just me.

Sunday's premiere topped the charts at a whopping 17 million viewers and viewers 18-49 rated the premiere 8.4 out of 10. That's amazing. It's incredible considering the season 6 finale was down 22 percent. While many fans said that they would not watch the show if their favorite character died, many still stuck around. The jury is still out on whether how this year's premiere will hurt their viewings but as of right now, it hasn't yet. But next week's premiere may tell another story.

Negan and the Saviors... What can I say? They are a group of rebellious misfits with a thirst for blood, power, and control. Especially their leader, the man only known as Negan. He is the man of all men, the alpha of all alphas, the man that gives grown men headaches... Literally. But the man has some morals... He believes in a chance, in laws and injustice, justice that suits him best. But, nonetheless, he has morals. He has a struck no rape policy. He is against it 100% (at least in the comics, yet to be determined). And no matter who does wrong, they are punishable, man, woman or child. But, the man has a compassionate side. After two crushing blows to Glenn's head, he apologized for this being hard on them. Then he finished the deed. No matter how crazy or sadistic, he's a lovable character (to me, at least). 

The Saviors have it out for Rick and the group. Jealousy? Envy? Who really knows. But I have a feeling something big is in store... And it won't be pretty. A war? Maybe. Maybe something more. This season is going to be unlike anything that we have ever seen I think... It all began last season but it truly started Sunday night... And now, it all begins here... 

A new episode premieres next Sunday only on AMC.

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin