#TheWalkingDead Predictions for The Hilltop, The Kingdom and Alexandria and the dominance over the Saviors


Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead was brutal, heart wrenching and a pisser-offer. But, nonetheless, it was a good episode. It featured newly unleashed super villain, Negan and his community of gun wielding bikers. He was himself In this episode, right at home amongst his people in his compound, the Saviors Sanctuary. But that's not what I'm here to discuss, today. No, I am here to discuss the possible alliance between three of many fan favorites' communities; The Kingdom, Hilltop and Alexandria. 

The Hilltop was unveiled in the late season of season six (S6E10 Knots Untie) and we met Gregory,  the ass-of-a-leader who almost got himself killed upon meeting our Survivors (not because of them). As you remember, Jesus (Paul Rovia or Monroe depending on the comics vs. TV series) took them there after his run in with Daryl and Rick. He took them there, they agreed on fighting against the Saviors in return for supplies; fresh food. When they first raided the Saviors compound from season six, they were successful in wiping out about twenty of Negan's men. After they got Carol and Maggie back from the people who took them, they headed back. In the finale, they met the true Negan, the real Saviors and the ones that control many surrounding communities (soon to be Alexandria, too). We all know what happened there.

Next, we have The Kingdom. A three season, long awaited debut for fans that, in my humble opinion, was off the charts. King Ezekiel and Shiva were a beautiful showcase of the characters in real life. But, they were also controlled by the Saviors. We don't know much about the Kingdom as of yet, but what we do know is they are well established, have many warriors and will stop at no cost to protect their people, just as Rick.

Finally, we reach Alexandria. We have been in the Safety of the Safe Zone since season five, and something had to change. The Survivors were the only real fighters that the community had seen. But for as big of a community, their fighters were limited. Training was established but by the time the walker breach of season six happened, things got harder. The leader of the community was lost to a bite, and a new one was needed. Maggie was to take the place but experienced some child complications, hence, the run in with the Saviors that ultimately led to two deaths.

Here are my predictions;

The Hilltop and Alexandria already have an alliance established after the surprise attack on their leader, Gregory. Fresh supplies for protection. But I believe that considering the predicament of all three communities, they will ban together and fight the Saviors. In the comics, the Kingdom joins sides with Rick and the Alexandrian's to take on Negan. But I believe that something a little more technical will be enabled. 

I believe that Carol or Morgan will tell Ezekiel of their community and establish a  plan. With Shiva and King Ezekiel, I would like to believe that they are safe, but they aren't. The producers of the show are known for making quick witted changes on the fly, so anything could truly happen. But with Carol and King Ezekiel's standing, I believe that she will build some kind of alliance up and convince the King to help them out. I believe that he will, but will also request the help from neighboring community, The Hilltop. With the fighters of all the communities, Rick and the Survivors stand a damn good chance against beating the Saviors... The only thing is is how many saviors truly are there? No one really knows. At this point, it would be like taking a shot in the dark; a crap shoot. Plans have to be made, things have to be organized and sought out. But all in all, our group should be able to take on the Saviors and possibly capture Negan.

Right about now, Dwight is conflicted between being Negan's second In command behind Simon or believing what his friend said to him before he shot him. I believe that is why he shot him in the first place because he knew what he said was true. I think that Dwight is wanting to have that power, that pull that Simon has but is still a ways out and he knows that. So he will try his hardest to get there. Breaking Daryl will be a huge step in that direction. But I think that Daryl is like a neutralizer and he doesn't want to admit it. Daryl has that freedom that Dwight gave up to save Sheryl, his (ex)wife. So by doing what he is doing to Daryl, he's letting his anger at himself be free. But Daryl is more harder than Dwight could ever be. And what I'm thinking is that Dwight is going to have an epiphany and he is going to break Daryl out, drive him back to Alexandria, beg for Rick's and Daryl's forgiveness and in the end, turn on Negan like he did in the comics.

If, in fact, Dwight does do this or some form of this, and with the possible alliances between the communities, Negan and the remaining Saviors may be in a world of hurt. But there are still thirteen episodes left in the new season. So we will have to sit back and enjoy the rest of the painful season as it unfolds one episode at a time...

Until next time, have a great time and be safe. 

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin.