#TheWalkingDead Season 7B Trailer Break-Down

From the second the seventh season began to the moment it ended for its winter finale, The Walking Dead has once again proved to us just how sick, twisted, dangerous and deadly it is in the world of the dead. But, I have a very sneaky suspicion the second part of the season is about to be uniquely different from the first.

I am here to break down the trailer with my personal opinions, thoughts and what I think is to come. Hope you enjoy the article. 


As the promo opens up, we see the three current communities on our side. Alexandria, The Hilltop and The Kingdom. Rick was last seen marching into Gregory's office, Daryl, Michonne, Tara, Sasha, Rosita, Enid, Maggie and Jesus in tow after the deadly exchange of supplies at Alexandria. Rick told Maggie that he was ready for war. In this clip, it's obvious that Jesus came through with getting approved for The Survivors to meet The King. Rick is speaking his peace about the obvious facts; they're all under The Saviors control. Rick is more than likely going to meet Shiva and Richard and possibly meet back up with Morgan.

Here's how I think this scene will go down;

  • Rick and Co will convince Gregory that a battle against The Saviors is needed for both communities. Maggie will point out how much of an ass Gregory has been and what her and Sasha have done for The Hilltop. Gregory will feel like a total chum and realize that what Rick says is spot on and agree to the battle. 
  • Jesus may seek the help of Michonne or Sasha in the pursuit of the Kingdom. Whoever he chooses will oblige and meet the King, convincing Ezekiel to meet the others.  
  • Rick will meet Ezekiel and Shiva. He may also meet back with Morgan who will later inform him of Carols' whereabouts and furthermore convince the King and his community to fight as well. 

In this next clip, we see some people starting to prepare for war. Rick and the gang are ready to fight. That's obvious. But it looks like some members of the Kingdom are on their side as well. Benjamin is one we can clearly make out. We see Rick, Michonne and someone who looks like Aaron stalking through an area of what looks to me like the area that Negan took Rick in episode 1 "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be.' We also see who I believe is Richard meeting with the Saviors for their weekly supply exchange. From the looks of it, Carl may sneak into another Savior truck that has Simon inside. 

For this clip, this is what I think will go down; 

  • After meeting an agreement between The Alexandrians and The Kingdomers, Rick and the gang go out on a scope-out mission. Rick, Michonne, Aaron, Jesus, Sasha, some members from the Hilltop and The Kingdom. 
  • Richard will exchange supplies with the Saviors while Carl sneaks into one of their trucks again. 
  • Benjamin will sneak up on a Savior fight, perhaps Dwight versus Daryl and be forced to kill Dwight. 

In this third clip, we see Rick in a vehicle. It looks like he may be being chased (which would explain Dwight and the one Savior chick from the world premiere of the trailer back in August when they chased someone down and began shooting). But when Rick gets out, he's surrounded by a sea of walkers. Uh oh... Then we see a not-so smooth exchange between the Kingdom's and Saviors men. Something goes haywire between them and guns are raised. Perhaps that's what Benjamin was doing in the woods with the gun. And then we see Daryl...oh Daryl has been a victim this first part of the season, held against his will, tortured and fed dog food sandwiches. Geez... I mean I would have snapped for that reason alone. But he held it together until he couldn't anymore and killed Fat Joey and now from the looks of it is beating someone else to death. He has complete reason to. Richard looks to be talking to Ezekiel and Rick possibly about the Savior incident (guns pulled). Richard already doesn't trust the Saviors but with Rick's proposition, he's never been more anxious to get at Negan and his men.


  • Rick and Daryl head out on a mission; to attack a Savior outpost. But, they get ambushed by Dwight and that chick who was putting the moves on Spencer. When they attack, walkers move in. Daryl grabs hold of either Dwight or a Savior that could be laying dormant and beats him to death. But then walkers pile in and they have to run. 
  • Richard meets up with the King and Rick and the group to inform them about the Savior incident only to find out that Dwight had attacked them earlier too. Then, they set further action into attacking the Sanctuary. 

In this final clip, we see Rick attempt to convince Ezekiel either one last time or for the first time to fight with them. I am almost guaranteeing that it won't take much convincing to peak Ezekiel's interests. I mean the man has a tiger as a pet and a guardian. And I'm pretty sure he wants what's best for the Kingdom and his people.

  • Not much to predict here, but I'm sure many people agree with me (the comics included) that Ezekiel will join with no second thought. Too much is at stake for them not to do anything. 

This lovely creature was at the end of the clip, and dare I say he needs a hearty meal and a spa day... Anyway,  the walker king Greg Nicotero is at it again with his mastery of Special Effects Makeup. This mysterious alien-like walker seems to have been through a serious accident. Perhaps this scene is to resemble Eugene and Abraham's adventure to the bullet factory. Maybe they've found someone with bullet-crafting knowledge. Maybe not. We'll have to see.  

Above is the promo trailer itself. Feel free to comment your personal opinions and let me know what you think. Until next time, thanks everyone.

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin