#TheWalkingDead What To Expect Plus New Developments And More!

 New promo photo (S7)

New promo photo (S7)

With the highly anticipated Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead only 40 days away, we now should really begin to ask ourselves; what truly lies ahead?

Last season we saw, experienced and battled our way with the Survivors through hordes of Walkers, Wolves and death but now comes the biggest battle yet; All Out War.

The New Man is here! Negan. It's a bitter name on the tongue, I know, but I have a feeling there will be more than meets the eye with this new guy. He's mean, gritty, but the man has an understanding side to him. But, as he's made it clear, it's His World.  

Throughout the off season, many rumors have surfaced about who's gotten the title 'Lucileld' . Daryl was on the hot list because of what he did to the group of saviors on the road back on episode 9 of season 6 'No Way Out'. Many have rumored that Glenn will meet his inevitable death following his comic book death. Others have speculated Abraham because his death was taken by Denise back in episode 14 'Twice As Far' therefore ending his character role. But, we know how AMC can be. Rosita, Michonne, Eugene, and Aaron have all been speculated as well but I personally believe that they're the least likely. Along with Rick and Carl. That leaves one person out... Maggie. 

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Exclusive Producer Greg Nicotero may have confirmed one of many questions we fans have been wondering about... a second death at the hand, or rather not so friendly end of Lucille.  

 "If we would have shown the deaths, then they wouldn't have felt our characters in season 7 the way they need to."   Hmm... you caught that, right? 

Of course, the man was smart enough to cover his slip up; 

" Listen, it was the hardest two weeks of my life. You take these actors and you drag them. You illicit the deepest  darkest fears they've ever had because our actors, they're fucking in it. So you spend two weeks taking them to this place and it's horrific." So, if this is in fact a reference to Maggie, that would mean the unborn child as well. But could Negan really kill a woman?

Still so many questions still remain. But soon enough, they will be answered. October 23rd cannot get here faster but until then, we will sit back and enjoy the hype.


-Editor: Joeleen Gatlin

 New promo photo (S7)

New promo photo (S7)