#This is Us - Episode 17 "What Now?"

This is Us returns tonight and with the "What Now?"  In this episode, Randall returns home after William's death.  Though he and William only had a short time together, they definitely formed a father/son bond. A bond cemented with their road trip to Memphis and final days together.  To celebrate William's life, the entire family will gather for a party that will be a happy celebration, not a sad one.  


Kate is still struggling with telling Toby about Jack's death. What is it about Jack's death that is so hard for Kate to discuss?  In a recent Today show interview, Milo Ventimiglia said that the remaining episodes of S1 will be stressful to watch. He also said that he knows the details of Jack's dies, the how, the when and the why. But never fear, Milo also said that "Jack will still be around even after his death is revealed."  

Will there be more intimate moments like these for Jack and Rebecca?  In an already strained marriage, Rebecca leaves Jack and the children to tour with her band. If you remember back a few episodes, Jack was furious with her for not telling her that her band mate was her ex-boyfriend.  To Rebecca it didn't seem like a big deal, but it certainly mattered to Jack. They argue and Jack storms out of the house and heads to the bar.  Could that be a glimpse of how Jack will die? 

Finally, Kevin and Sophie's relationship continues to deepen as they spend more time together. Kevin's play will eventually open too before the season ends.

Don't miss "What Now" when it airs tomorrow night at 9:00 pm on NBC and check back for my recap.  One episode remains after tomorrow's show and there is a lot to be revealed.  I think we're going to need a whole box of tissues!