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#This is Us - Season One Finale "Moonshadow"

Well, Tuesday is it for This is Us. Will we finally know how Jack died?  Kate told Toby that it was her fault that Jack died. How will Toby react to that?  Will Kevin take the film offer from Ron Howard or stay in New York with Sophie?  Randall just quit his job. How will Beth take the news and what does it mean for their family?  So many questions...

Tuesday's episode will have quite a few time jumps as we find out more about how Rebecca and Jack met and fell in love. Of course we'll all be sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see how Jack dies.  Last week's episode left us with the image of a drunken Jack getting behind the wheel and driving home.  We assume this is how Jack dies, but is it?  In a season with so many plot twists and surprises, it seems like a little anticlimactic to have him die in a car accident. I mean, Is a car accident alone enough to traumatize Kate for the rest of her life? Again, so many questions...

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