#ThisisUs - Is Beth the next to Die?


I can't bear the thought of losing Beth but if a fan theory written by Emma Dibdin and published today in CountryLiving is true fans, they have given TIU fans something to think about.  Here's the key evidence provided by Refinery 29.


1. Beth is notably absent from that "flash-forward with Randall and Tess" in Super Bowl Sunday.  In the scene when Randall visits grown-up Tess in the future, fans noticed that Randall's hands are hidden - perhaps to hide that he isn't wearing a wedding ring? 


2. Beth's father died of cancer. This, combined with other evidence raises concerns. Beth shared with William shortly after he moved in that her father died of cancer when she was young.  Refinery 29 suggests that Beth may be genetically predisposed to the same type of cancer.


3. There's a blind item which could be pointing to Beth.  TV Line's "Ask Ausiello" column recently ran a line item stating that "an extremely popular broadcast drama that has been on the air less than 3 years is considering another plot line where a pivotal character will be diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now we don't even know if this quote was even about This is Us, let alone which character they are referring to.  It does make you think though.


Beth is my favorite character and the thought of no more Beth and Randall is unbearable!  But, it would be an interesting storyline.  Randall adjusting to life without Beth, raising both girls (and Deja) as a single dad.  Interesting but NOT ACCEPTABLE! 

This is Us returns February 27 @ 9:00 pm.