Three Queens Two Tigers - #Reign

If by chance you are a Reigniac that has not seen S3 of Reign, look away!  There's a little over a month to go before S4 premieres so we're going to start recapping S3 in preparation of Reign's final season.  Let's talk about what's happening in France first.  Tomorrow we will talk about what's going on in England.

After a very heartbreaking and tumultuous time for Mary & Francis, true love has prevailed. The coup was a bust and Conde was sent packing with a hole in his gut thanks to Mary!  We finally met Queen Elizabeth after Catherine was banished from French court and headed straight to England.  It's also when we learned that Francis is dying. 

Three Queens Two Tigers begins on a beautiful summer day in France.  Francis & Mary have put the past behind them and their love for each other has grown. Francis has returned to his passion for building boats and appears fit and healthy.  He has not told Mary that he's sick.  But things are about to change and Mary's world will begin to crumble when Narcisse informs them that Scotland is in peril.  France does not have the gold to fund another military campaign in Scotland so in typical Mary form, she enlists the help of a pirate, Martin de Lambert.  Martin arrives at court and agrees to help Mary but wants 50% of the profits and Lady Greer.  Greer, of course, is still married to Castleroy but does not see the harm in spend time with Martin.  In the end Martin spurns Greer for the love of another. However, we have not seen the last of Martin de Lambert. 

Narcisse is still trying to court Lola. Lola has feelings for Narcisse as well but when Francis learns of their attraction, forbids Lola to continue with the relationship because he doesn't trust him with his son.  Lola does not know that Francis is dying.

Francis and Mary remain unaware that Catherine is in England until her decoy is discovered having hung herself after the gruesome death of her lover.  As soon as this news reaches Francis and Mary, they are convinced that she is in England.  French loyalists in England kidnap Catherine and she is returned to French court locked in a cage with Martin's tiger and upon her return to France is imprisoned. 

That's where we'll leave our discussion for now. Tomorrow we'll see what's happening in England. 

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