Three Queens Two Tigers - Part 2 #Reign

The other day we began recapping Reign S3 and we reviewed what was happening in France.  We know that at the end of S2, Francis banished Catherine because of her treachery for orchestrating the kidnapping of Lola and Jean.  Catherine didn't consider the fact that Narcisse would turn against her, find Lola and the baby alive and turn Catherine in.  I guess that's what happens when you serve a man his own horse for dinner. 

Now we turn to England and the first time we meet Queen Elizabeth.  It seems that Elizabeth has a visitor at court.  It's Catherine de Medici!  Catherine and Mary's relationship has always been tumultuous but now Catherine blames her for turning Francis against her and she is out for blood,  So Catherineescapes to England seeking to align herself with Elizabeth to destroy Mary Queen of Scots and eliminate Elizabeth's biggest threat to the English throne.    

Queen Elizabeth's story is just beginning to unfold.  Still early in her reign, Elizabeth is threatened by Mary's claim to the throne, of course, but she also faces opposition from men who doubt a woman's ability to rule without a husband. To that end, Elizabeth is pressured by her advisors to marry. Strangely though, neither her offer of marriage to Conde or the failed coup is never mentioned. Anyway, Queen Elizabeth, we learn, is already in love with Robert Dudley. This is a love affair that is doomed by fate, bad timing and Dudley's "unstable" wife, Amy.

Back to Catherine and Elizabeth's plot against Mary.  It is Catherine's idea to use Mary's affair with Conde to ruin her in the eyes of the Vatican and devises a plan to send diplomats to Rome to speak out against Mary. When the plan backfires, Mary and Francis discover that Catherine is in England.  Catherine is captured, caged with the tiger and is returned to France

As I mentioned before, I am heading to Paris this weekend to attend the first Reign Convention!  I am over the moon excited!  I will share photos on the SueboohsCorner Facebook page and my favorite Reign fan pages, as well.. You'll hear all the details from the convention next week! 

Until then...