#Timeless Season 2 Premieres in March


It looks like the next time trip for Timeless will be this spring as Season 2 will premiere Sunday, March 11th at 10/9c on NBC announced on Monday.

Ending the freshman finale with a shocking revelation that Lucy's mom is Rittenhouse! Flynn's been arrested, and something is happening to Jiya! The season two opener, titled: The War to End All Wars," will find Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus traveling to World War I as seen in a TVLine exclusive

The season premiere will introduce a new recurring character: Nicholas Keynes (played by Michael Rady ("UnREAL's")), who is an American soldier in WWI. After getting severely injured during the battle, Keynes is carried to a farmhouse, where he is cared for by Emma (Annie Wersching) and Carol (Susanna Thompson), who wants to save his life. Though he seems helpless at first, Keynes is much more formidable than he initially appears. 

Also coming into Season 2, our time traveling heroes will explore the Salem Witch Trails and Hollywood circa the early 1940s. 

The series that was once canceled and brought back will follow a three hour American Ninja Warrior special: USA Vs. The World, which will air at 7/6c that night.