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What You Didn't Know About Porsha Aka Ta'Rhonda Jones ? #Empire

Photo: Goggle Images 

Photo: Goggle Images 

Ta'Rhonda Jones plays Porsha Taylor, Cookies's assistant on Empire. Her character hasn't had much screen time this season, but her presence is missed. You can always count on Porsha to have a slick talk, on fleek hairstyles and setting trends with her style of dress. Porsha is too much ratchetness that Cookie loves and hate at the same time. 

I bet you didn't know; Ta'Rhonda actually auditioned for the role of Tiana Brown played by Serayah McNeill. I don't know about all of you, but I am glad she didn't get that role. Empire without Porsha would be a missing piece of a puzzle. However, according to Ta'Rhonda on her interview with the Real,  this character wasn't an initial character. Her audition intrigued Lee Daniels that he created this role for her. Good look Mr. Daniels.

The bigger news that you might not know about Ta'Rhonda, she isn't just an actress, but she is a rapper as well. She goes by the name Lady Heroine. Her flow style reminded me of Eve when she was first signed to Ruff Ryders. I must say, Lady Heroine spits better than some of the today's female rappers. I don't understand why she doesn't have a record deal or label backing her yet. She spits raw and uncut lyrics with drop the mic punchlines and beats that make you bob your head. She participated in Monica's So Gone challenge and proved her rap skills is straight heat. Somebody sign this woman!!!! 


Check out Ta'Rhonda aka Lady Heroine Her new single Want to Change is her latest track. 

Photo Cover for her new single. 

Photo Cover for her new single. 

Her first single 

Her first single 


Editor: Poetic Soultress 11/17/16

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