What Happens in Paris Stays in Paris - NOT! #Reign

As you know, I recently attended the 1st Reign Convention in Paris!  I brought back some insane memories and unfortunately a terrible cold!  I'm finally feeling fit and am ready to tell you about Paris!

Every member of the Reign cast is exactly how you hope they would be.  Right away, you can tell that they all care for and respect each other deeply. They are genuinely appreciative of their fans and were so excited to have the chance to meet us! There were only about 200 people attending so it was small enough that you could spend some quality time each actor. Here's just a few little tidbits that I learned from each cast member:

Adelaide Kane gets very emotional when talking about saying goodbye to Mary. She doesn't have anything lined up just yet but is looking forward to spending time with friends and family.

My dream come true...meeting Toby Regbo! He is hoping to do something more "modern" for his next project and is also thinking about making an album. If you hadn't guessed, Toby was the highlight of the weekend for me and it was awesome! His smile is amazing on-screen but when it's aimed at you...no words! 

Megan Follows swears like a sailor!  It's a problem, she says. She loves playing Catherine and is so sad to say goodbye. She and I both lost a parent this summer so we talked about that for a bit. 

Torrance Coombs' new show has finished filming but still has no official title or air date.  He is so excited about it though and promises that we will love it!  Oh and his eyes are mesmerizing!

Dan Jeanotte speaks fluent French and the rest of the cast made fun of him for it! He said James gets himself into trouble in S4 by playing both sides!

Rachel Skarsten is so cool!  She's Canadian and worries that her English accent isn't authentic.  I assured her that she is doing a great job.  Rachel was hoping they'd make it to Season 5 but said that she thinks we'll be happy with the way they've ended things. Craig Parker teases her relentlessly for cutting off Lola's head!

Anna Poppelwell has a great sense of humor. When I told her that she looked very good for someone who had lost their head she said, yes, the scars were healing nicely.  She and Craig Parker exchanged Narcisse/Lola banter all day long.

Craig Parker is one of the nicest guys I've ever met.  He is definitely the class clown!  I told him that it was going to be hard to hate Narcisse now that I know him.  He blames all of Narcisse's bad behavior on Catherine. An incredibly great person!

Rose Williams, I can't say enough nice things about Rose. She is the one that started the "Miss Michigan" thing!  She is beautiful both inside and out. 

Jonathan Keltz is super cute!  I tried to get him to tell me if Leith is alive but all he'd say is that "I don't know."  How could that be when the show has wrapped? 

In 25 days, the 4th and final season of Reign begins. It's such a shame to see the end of this incredible show!  The S3 recap returns tomorrow!