Reigniacs What is Your Favorite Episode of Reign? #Reign

As we wait for S4 to return, I have a confession to make.  I watch Reign every night on Netflix in a continuous loop from the pilot episode through the end of S3.  My husband doesn't understand it, but I know that my Reigniacs will!  So, now I find myself back to S1 and watching my favorite episode - Left Behind, S1, Ep. 7.  Francis, Catherine, and Mary are left behind at the castle to welcome Count Vincent and his men. You know the one - when the Count and his men camp in the woods until King Henry leaves and take over the castle. I love that Catherine and Mary are forced to work together to free Francis and the boys and get everyone to safety. It's also the first glimpse of Catherine's vulnerability as she describes her parent's murder and her captivity as a child. The number one reason this is my favorite is that it's the first time Francis tells Mary that he loves her.  It's beautiful and romantic and gives me heart palpitations.  Of course, their happiness is short-lived because in episode 8 Mary learns of the prophecy that she will cause Francis his life.  Why is it that as many times I have watched Reign over and over again, I never get tired of it? 

So, what's your favorite episode?