What will happen tonight on Pretty Little Liars? We're about to find out. #PLL

Someone isn’t making it out alive on the Aug. 2 episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ A character is ‘murdered for playing with the wrong team.’ It looks like Alison gets attacked in the shocking promo — could she end up on the chopping block?

Drama is about to go down on Pretty Little Liars after a two-week hiatus. According to the synopsis, “someone is getting murdered for playing with the wrong team.”

Well, that could be pretty much anyone, since anyone who is NOT on Uber A’s team is on the “wrong team.” And now I’m really worried. In a promo for the Aug. 2 episode, it appears that Alison gets attacked by someone! While the promo is quick, there is someone with blonde hair who gets slammed against a mirror!


While I really don’t think Alison is going to bite the dust anytime soon, anything can happen on Pretty Little Liars. My money’s on the someone like Jenna or Noel Khan.

The synopsis also reveals that the Liars start to question Rollins’ death. In the promo, someone who sounds exactly like Rollins calls up one of the Liars and says, “Next time you bury someone, make sure they’re dead.”

Hanna and Spencer go back to where they thought they buried Rollins, and they looked shocked at what they find. During the episode, Hanna battles with whether or not to tell the cops the truth about what happened.

Alison also learns that the Liars told Uber A she was Charlotte’s killer to get Hanna back, and she’s pissed. Ezra and Aria are now faced with an “awkwardness” in their relationship. Does Aria turn him down? Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 7PM central time.