SPOILER ALERT: Why Is Robin Hood Returning to #OnceUponATime?

Can I be honest here? I was hoping for Sean Maguire's return to #OUAT would be a bit more of a surprise, but unfortunately, this has been circling Facebook for some time now. Here are some tit bits; I'm pretty sure the series lost another 30% of it's fanbase after killing off Regina's one true love and possible happy ending. I myself am not an OutlawQueen Shipper, however I did enjoy Robin as a character. It's the same way for me with Rumbelle, I don't ship it cause Rumple's a pain in the ass, but I do love Belle as a character. The rating for 6x05 "Streets Rats" was a shady 3.40 million views. Myself among many other fans know that 6x03 "The Other Shoe" pulled in a wonderful 4.11 million due to the Presidential Debate that aired just before. Trust me, I love this show with all my heart (I wouldn't be working on the website if I didn't) but I need to be honest and realistic here; If the ratings don't get higher and stay higher, a potential 7th Season goes in the trash and it's goodbye to our precious fairytale show. You want the magic to continue? Do you want a CaptainSwan wedding and baby? Call up your friends!! Convince them to watch until they are up to date! Understand that this show is in dark waters! Which I just realized is hilarious for me to say because that is this coming Sunday's episode 6x06 "Dark Waters," Which I will be recapping next week. Now that I am done rambling about things here and there, let's get to the main point of this post.

On May 8th, 2016, show creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz decided to kill off a beloved #OUAT character: Robin Hood, the thief with the Lion tattoo who in time fell deeply in love with our Queen Regina. Many fans were devastated and hurt by the surprise death, hence losing 30% of the fanbase. But fear not, for the beloved character is returning, and not via the Underworld or flashbacks. 

While speaking at an event for NBC's Timeless, Sean Maguire told EW that the point of Robin Hood's return was to bring closure to the character. So far, we know that Sean Maguire has signed on for a decently substantial role on the ABC drama. He's set to join the show for multiple episodes during Season 6, although the gig is still shrouded in mystery. We've definitely ruled out that Sean Maguire won't appear in flashbacks. He's also not supposed to be returning from the dead. And reports indicate we won't be heading back to the Underworld, as the crew at Comic-Con previously stated the show wouldn't be returning to that plot point during the new season.
Of all of the characters to make a surprise comeback, Robin Hood is a pretty good candidate, for exactly the reasons outlined above. The character was in danger on the series a couple of times before his ultimate demise. After traveling to the Underworld, he sacrificed himself to save Regina's life and his death was critical to Regina's well-being and storyline.

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