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#TheGoodPlace S1, Ep.12-13 "Chapter 12: Mindy St. Claire" & "Chapter 13: Michael Gambit" Season Finale Recap/Review

It was the season finale that had viewers stunned and jaws dropped to the floor, here's a recap of the season finale of #TheGoodPlace.

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#Stitchers Season 3 finale "Maternis" Recap and Review

Wow. I’m rating this episode 10/10, contingent on Stitchers being renewed. If it isn’t renewed, I’ll rate it as a series finale and not a season finale.

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The Haves and the Have Nots S4 Ep18- A Broken Mirror *Recap & Review* #HAHN

I am hoping Tuesday episode Candace finds out her son is dead. I mean we almost at the finale and that bombshell haven't dropped yet. I also know she better not allow Benny to go down for Quincy murder. Charles was alright with me up until that point. Let's talk. 

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#GameofThrones Season 7 Episode 4 "The Spoils of War" Recap

What does this mean in the War for The Seven Kingdoms? Will Jon Kneel? Will Euron attack Dragonstone? Was the arrow that hit Drogon poisoned by the poison master?

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